My sister is leaving LA

In less than 10 days, my sister , brother in law, and nephew will leave la and embark on a trip around the world before starting their life in San Francisco. To say I will miss them is a severe understatment. Since I was a little kid, I have known I wanted to live in Los Angeles, but having my sister there only reaffirmed my dream that LA was the place I wanted to call home. After college, I made that dream a reality and moved to LA. My sister and her husband made that transition from the Buddhist community where I grew up, to the city of dreams, easy and comfortable.

While I now have my own independent life, I owe it to them for guiding me through that first year as I transitioned to a new city and adult life. From awesome house parties, to the relaxing Sundays in the pool with Dash, I will always miss the hospitality and openness you have shown me. I will miss you three in LA, but know SF is a place you’ll come to love and grow. I cant wait to see the life you all create because if anyone knows how to have a great time anywhere, it’s you three. I love you all and am excited to have a second place to call home in the Bay Area!

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